the woman who is neither mouse nor man

The screenplay progresses, thankfully. The deadline for the first draft is looming ever closer, so I have to forge on no matter what happens.

I’m enjoying the process, however. The story flows so much better when you set your characters free, and allow them to talk to one another and interact with the plot. Funny things happen. New ideas emerge. Someone quoted Yeats last night, and that made me haul out a collection of his works. It’s given me a new layer to add to the script.

I did solid work yesterday, and if I continue at this rate every day than I will finish the screenplay with time to spare.

Mice and men make great plans however, and their schedules don’t always work out.

Am I a mouse or a man?

Last time I checked I was neither.

I’ll take that to be a good sign. The best laid-plans of Irish women called Maura who are working on a screenplay are executed flawlessly and without problems!

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