I never had it easy.

Dad scrammed before I was born, and ma was a whore. I learned to keep outta the way of her boyfriends, and pick pockets by the time I was six. I was no good at it. Kept getting caught. The cops beat me a couple of times, and threatened me with juvie.

I ran lookout for the speakeasies. Over time I got better jobs in the organisation. Got to know the right people.

Then I met Maud. She was pretty; a dancer. Said she loved me and, more mug me, I believed her. I was crazy about her.

We had good times. I was makin’ decent money, and a reputation. Reliable Ricky, they called me. I always got the job done.

Maud fooled around and I was the last to know. Everyone thought I was a chump.

When the cops broke down the door most of her was on the walls or on my hands.

Nobody makes a fool outta me.

Match the story (and the number) to the face at Mirrors.

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