I like trains. I like the sound they make, chuga, chuga, but ‘specially I like the whistle.

Paul–he’s my brother–he told me that each time I hear a train whistle that I should jump up and try and touch the sky. It makes people laugh. It’s good when people laugh. It’s much better than when they shout and push.

Paul says I need to be polite to everyone here, do what I’m told, and he’ll look out for me. We’ll have fun here.

But the food’s no good. When I told the cook she should let Paul do the cookin’ she got real mad, and Paul got into a fight again.

He told me I wasn’t allowed to hit no one, even when guards beat him, and I was tellin’ them to stop!

Then they took him to soltiary.

I’m scared without Paul. But one of the screws–that’s what they are called here, I heard the men say so–told me he’ll come to my cell tonight to tuck me in. So it won’t be so bad.

I’m makin’ friends here.

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