Crazy Pa calls me Baby Jesus when he’s havin’ one of his spells. They make fun of me about that and call me Baby James all the time now.

I’m the only one who’ll help him when he’s shakin’ and foamin’. Cissy–my baby sister–she used to do that on occasion, so I know what to do.

He says things that scare me. ‘Cause sometimes they come true.

The first time he looked at me I couldn’t lift my eyes from his, an’ I swear I heard him say, in my head, “You’re too young for that burden boy.” Then he made a strange noise and hit me in the back. The world turned upside down; I don’t know how I stayed standin’. I thought I’d faint, but didn’t ’cause the men would think I was weak.

The old man fell down and had a fit. I took care of him, an’ it became my duty. I get some slack from the screws ’cause of it. It’s one less chore for them.

Who’ll watch out for him when I’m gone?

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