looking forward

I’ve started to wind down a little after the intensity of the past couple of weeks, but already I feel the internal pressure to get writing projects under way before the next semester starts in January.

There are other projects that require my attention as well, including web design work. I’ve already started on re-working my other journal, Babblogue Blog–I haven’t had much time for it lately, but I’ve been writing that journal for over four years, so I don’t intend letting it lapse.

Web design is a creative outlet I enjoy. I love the design end of it more than the coding–wherein lie 90% of the tribulations of erecting a viable web site. It reflects my love of creating art, and images. At one point a career in Art/Graphics/Design was a serious contender for my direction in life. Words have always taken precedence, but I enjoy switching gears and allowing my mind to think in a more visual manner.

Today I remembered, finally, to reserve a hotel room for Worldcon in Glasgow next year. It seems crazy to do this so early, but as I discovered, loads of people were more organised than me, and several hotels are completely booked out. I’m still uncertain if I can make it to the convention–next summer is awash with potential, none of which I can predict–but it makes sense to book a hotel now. I can always cancel the reservation if I can’t make it, but finding a hotel room will be a lot harder the longer I wait.

Worldcon will be a good opportunity to meet friends, have fun, and listen to the professionals working in the sf/f industry. Worldcons don’t get to Europe very often, so it’s a great opportunity to meet a wider spectrum of people than is normal at a European sf convention. If I can make it, I’m sure I’ll have a great time. Plus, I get to go to Scotland, a country I’ve always wanted visit.

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