a new month, and the end of the year approaches

This week is insane.

Today I finished my film treatment, and handed it in–ten minutes before deadline. I wouldn’t have cut it so close but for the fact I was sick last week, and on Saturday I woke up with the idea for a totally new screenplay.

I plotted the film that day, and on Sunday I spent the day in front of the computer and completed the entire step-outline. Since I had classes Monday and Tuesday, that didn’t leave me with much time to write up the treatment for the new film by the deadline today. But, you’ve got to strike when the inspiration is hot.

In the past four days I’ve written 12,000 words. 10,000 of which were written in two days.

I don’t normally post word counts since I view them akin to ego-wanking, but this time even I was impressed. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you push yourself. For me there is a restlessness that builds up as I write. Once I top the 1,000 mark there is a sense that I’ve achieved
enough to stop. This antsy feeling escalates the more I write, but if I push past that I can write up to 5-6,000 words a day. Probably more if I don’t leave the office except for the absolute necessities.

It is exhausting, however. It makes you feel as if your brains were stuffed into a blender and poured back into your skull.

But the sense of accomplishment is fantastic.

The film idea I had been working on up until this point was fine, but I had doubts about its originality. I had come up with the idea because I needed one for the course, and not because it inspired a deep passion in me. I could probably rework it into a treatment and script level at some
point in the future, but not at the moment. No ideas are lost, after all, so I’m sure I’ll get mileage out of it at some point in the future.

I don’t think everything I produced in the past few days was gold, but I’m pleased with what I got considering my time constraints.

Unfortunately, I’ve more to do. I’ve five film reviews to hand in for Friday, as well as two exams that day. And a lecture tomorrow afternoon.

Friday evening, I celebrate. And then six weeks before another class!

Of course, I have a ton of work I want to accomplish during the holidays. I’d love to complete, and re-write, some short stories during that time. I’m even allowing for some time off during the vacation when I visit NY for 8 days.

A little bit pleasure, and a lot of work.