the weird time of the year…

Dunno what’s in the air at the moment, but generally bad things seem to be happening around the world, and to people I care about. Today was a virtual cornucopia of bad/hard news from various people I know, and a couple of strange things happened. It’s close and humid tonight, with the feeling that a storm is close; I guess it’s that time of the year.

Still, I started college today and the good news is that my schedule is waaaaay lighter than I thought it would be. However, I plan on using this suddenly free time to keep up with my studies from the beginning. It was highlighted to us just how little class time we do have, plus a detailed outline of our assessments. There will be plenty to keep me busy.

I had a big gap in the middle of the day and went to see The Village, which was disappointing. The film had lots of creepy moments but the “twist” was so obvious I thought I’d missed it when it happened. The second half of the film was weak, and even the solid acting couldn’t save it.

I got a rejection letter today from the market I sent my short story to a few months ago, and I wasn’t phased by it. It’s a standard form reply–pretty typical for inundated markets these days–but certain phrases were highlighted, including “try us again”, which is an encouraging sign. At least I didn’t suck so bad that they never want to see anything from me again! This, to me, is positive.

The story could use a re-write. I’m not happy with the opening, though I feel it works well once it gets off the ground. I’ll give it a spit and polish I’ll send it out again and see if it fares better somewhere else.

Onwards and upwards. There are always new markets.

I’m tired. Time to eat, write up some notes, veg a bit, and catch up on sleep.

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