just write

The texts I ordered for the MA arrived today, along with my registration form for the course. I’ve already flipped through the books, and there are useful sections in each one.

Yet, I keep books on the subject of writing, or in this case, screenwriting, in perspective. To the forefront of my mind is the reminder that reading a dozen books, no matter how insightful, will not make me a better writer. Writing is what improves my understanding of the craft. Practical experience is paramount.

In fact you don’t need to complete a MA to become a screenwriter–many people have succeeded without it. I have no illusions that at the end of the course that I’m going to complete the perfect script and see the film in production immediately.

What I hope for is a thorough grounding in the subject, interaction with professionals in the industry, being challenged in a supportive creative environment, and becoming a better writer.

Tomorrow morning I’m flying to London for the Frightfest film festival. I’ve been too busy to get excited, but I’m sure I’ll have a fabulous time, as usual.

My next post on this journal will be in September. I hope you enjoy the rest of August!