don't count your printers before they've printed

Phew, the re-write is complete.

I’ve hacked it down to 4,900 words. Not because it was my goal, but just from tidying up the loose language and getting it into a more efficient and robust form.

Well, I think that’s what I did. We’ll see if the people who give it the once-over agree. Having it under the magical 5K mark is an important incentive to get people to trawl through the story.

I’ve most of my accounts sorted out and sent to my accountant. I’m sure she’ll request more details on certain things, but the majority of the work is done.

Today has been constructive.

However, I shouldn’t have showered my printer with such praise last night. The fecker decided to die after spitting out two test pages. This means a trip back to the shop to get a replacement, which sucks. In all probability I’ll get a new one, with no hassle, but I always go prepared for weasely arguments from the salespeople.

Thankfully, I know enough tech so they won’t bamboozle me with stupid questions. Computer sales staff always assume you don’t know your mouse from your modem if you’re a woman.

“Yeah, yeah, we tried everything. I used to work as a IT office manager you know, and my husband is a programmer/Sys admin. Believe me, if Martin can’t get a machine to recognise a printer then it’s joined the bleedin’ choir invisible.”

It is an ex-printer.

Thank goodness I didn’t need the printer for an important job. Another reason not to leave buying an appliance until the last minute.

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