happiness is a hp

Today I bought a HP laser printer. For at least ten years I’ve been using an OKI LED printer, which hasn’t worked great for the last two. If I wanted to print off good quality black and white documents recently I’ve had to use our InkJet printer–which we bought for colour printing.

At this point I can say that I loathe InkJet printers for printing black and white. You can always tell if something has been printed on an Inkjet. No matter the quality of the paper and how high you crank that resolution–and they’re fucking noisy as hell. They’re always running out of ink at inconvenient times, the cartridges cost a pretty penny, need to be refilled often, and if you refill them yourself it’s messy and it doesn’t last as long.

A good quality printer is an essential tool for a writer. This is a purchase I’ve been planning on making for some time, and now with College edging closer I figured there was no point waiting. Certainly not until my first assignment is due and the frigging InkJet runs out of ink at 4am…

The subdued, but somehow serious, hum of the machine printing the test page was gorgeous to my ears. Then I got to admire the crisp, sharp edges of the words, that look great even on recycled paper. No mess, no fuzz, just clear fonts and no splotches on the page.

I love my new printer!

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