this is a whine-free zone

It struck me later that yesterday’s post could be construed as a tad whiny towards the end, which was not my intent.

Much as writing frustrates me at times, it is what I have chosen to do, and I love it.

I hope, 90% of the time, to keep this blog angst-free. Neuroses, humour, vignettes, epiphanies, and even rage are allowed. But not the whiny “it’s so haaaaard” crap. It bores me, so I can’t imagine it’s fun for anyone else.

So, yes, sometimes I want to tear my hair out when I’m re-writing the same damn story for the nth time and it’s still not working, but that’s part of the process and I accept it. Otherwise I’d have given up this lark a long time ago.

And nothing beats the satisfaction of writing a story that touches other people in an intangible way: be it through humour, style, honesty or pain.

Yeah, it’s hard. But goddamn, it’s also heaven.

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