read all advice critically

Lee Goldberg posted an interesting entry on writing a book for those of you who are wrestling with a novel.

Not that I think that everyone has to follow Lee’s method, but it’s always useful to read how someone deals with the task.

Lee also linked to Jim Huang‘s keynote speech at “Of Dark and Stormy Nights” in June, called “The conventional wisdom isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous”. Jim was addressing a crowd of new writers who work in the Mystery genre, but much of the advice is pertinent to all genre fiction, and is worth reading.

His three main points are good advice:

1. Don?t accept “obvious” explanations, especially when “everyone” agrees they?re true. Think for yourself.
2. This is a business, and it?s not a bad thing that this is a business.
3. Stay true to your vision. Like the detective who gathers suspects to single out the least likely as the true killer, know how to persuade others to accept your vision.

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