it's alive! (almost)

Back to the subject of much of this web site: writing.

Late last night I started a new story. It’s not either of the tales that have been simmering in my head lately, but a completely different concoction.

I’m not sure where the hell it came from, but at least I know where it’s going now.

I’m stuck in that awful place at the moment: three-quarters of the way through, and I know how it ends, but I’m stuck at a point of transition. Hrumph.

It should end up under 2,000 words, and it’s in the first person present tense. You know, for kicks.

That brings up an interesting prejudice I’ve noticed in readers. Some people have said to me things like, “I don’t like present tense stories,” or “first person narratives are rarely done well.” I find it odd that anyone would establish a dislike of a story before reading it. It doesn’t strike me as a logical mindset for a writer.

I only have one prejudice when it comes to reading: I don’t like bad writing. Especially my own.

People can use second person, or future tense, or whatever stylistic device they think serves their story.

I only care that it is written well. It can have flying monkeys (actually, flying monkeys are always a bonus), transvestite aliens, and ray gun-toting cowgirls for all I care, as long as the story carries me along and I’m entertained. (In fact, that sounds like a fun little fable I should knock out.)

Let’s hope I can stick to my own criteria in this current endeavour. Fingers crossed.