catching up on my reading

I’ve put up two new book reviews on this site, as well as up on Blogcritics. The first is a review of The New Brain, which I mentioned yesterday, and the second is of Warchild, an excellent SF book by Karin Lowachee.

I started reading Warchild months ago, and it was languishing, unfinished, in the sitting room until recently. I’m making a concerted effort to complete some of the half-read books I’ve lying around the house. I’ve a terrible habit of reading several books at the same time, which can result in my never getting back to some of them, especially those that aren’t gripping. So I tackled Warchild last night with the intention of finally finishing it off. That meant being up quite late as I was engrossed in the novel. It was a case of the “just one more page/chapter” syndrome. Phew, at least that’s another book off my conscience.

And lo, today, I get a shipment from Amazon including the DVD of Bubba Ho-Tep (I can’t wait to watch it later), and Starfish, the first novel by Peter Watts. Just as one, or two, books get cleared, more enter the queue. I can’t imagine it will be any other way throughout my life.

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