I'd like to thank my lovely assistant…

I have to acknowledge, and praise, the help and support my husband Martin has given me in the construction of this web site.

My expertise is in design, and while I’m adept at HTML, CSS, DHTML and the like I do not have a background in software languages (some javascript is as far as I’ve gone). I’ve attempted to learn PHP, but I do not possess the time, or the inclination, to fully comprehend it. Martin, with his many years of hacking in a variety of languages, took to PHP like a kid to a Playstation 2.

This site has been a collaborative effort. Without his expert and insightful input splinister would have been a pale imitation of its current incarnation.

I’m particularly happy to be using the relatively unknown, but open-source, journalling software, Bblog – which is written in PHP. Martin worked extensively on this section of the web site, and I appreciate the time and effort he has put into this project.

I am a lucky woman.

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  • Sinead

    Just looking round the site and loving it and sure isnt Martin the best! he makes the best Thai Green Curry in the world! hes an all rounder! mawh! (kiss)

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