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Fri, 24 May 2013 dogs and shoes

When I was in Dublin this week I was fortunate to stay with Lynda Rucker, and her housemates Liz and Charlotte. Liz has a fabulous dog called Coco who is a sweetheart. As I’ve mentioned before my dog Minnie is not one for PDAs, but Coco is a total extrovert with her affection. I couldn’t [...]

Fri, 26 April 2013 freshly minted leaves

I love the colour of freshly minted leaves after they break free from their sticky cocoons. They are soft, vunerable, and vividly green. The potential of a long summer shines in them, especially when golden evening light pours across their trembling veins.

I took this shot from below, looking straight up at the leaf, suspended in [...]

Fri, 19 April 2013 forest moods

I walk in the woods and forests in my area regularly. I’m always struck by the different atmosphere in them depending on the weather, the season, and the varieties of trees. They also contain pockets of strangeness. All is friendly and light at first, and suddenly you walk into a watchful area, where footfalls are [...]

Thu, 05 January 2012 bayou Coole

One positive side-effect of all the rain this winter is I get to snap an image like this.
I took this today at Coole Park while walking the dog. When we have exceptionaly rainy weather the Turlough in the park floods sections of the forest, rendering some of the paths impassable (unless you have wellies – [...]

Sun, 01 January 2012 king of the new year

I took this picture today in the woods during a brief spell of sunshine – we’ve had hailstones, gales and rain as well.
It’s actually a rusted pipe and wood, sporting a moss ruff. As I walked by on the muddy track with my dog Minnie by I saw it out of the corner of [...]

Sun, 13 November 2011 hazelnut wings

There are red squirrels in my local woods. Sometimes I spot one of them running for a tree, and I’m always captivated by its fluid, rolling motion.
Usually my dog skids through the damp leaves, whining with desperate hope, after the squirrel. It always ends with the squirrel far up the tree, watching my earthbound [...]

Tue, 01 November 2011 intimacy

Winter is upon us, but here is an image of a golden autumn evening in one of my favourite places to walk the dog: Coole Park.

Mon, 25 July 2011 seed pearls

This picture of water beads on a dandelion seed head was taken today on my walk in the woods with Minnie the dog.
It was only misting rain, but because the undergrowth is summer-dense and sopping wet, I returned with my jeans soaked almost to my hip-bone.
Minnie looked like a seal just out of ocean.
So this [...]

Mon, 20 June 2011 summer colony

I took this image the other day while walking my dog through a patch of woods I hadn’t been through before.
I noticed this colony of fungus attached of the bottom of a branch, which was just above eye level.
There are so many new things you can notice every day, if you just pay attention.

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