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Sun, 10 October 2010 old school

A common topic of discussion about writing is whether one writes longhand or favours a computer. In my case it’s a combination of both.
I took this picture this morning. In my hand I’m holding my current favourite pen of choice, the Mitsubishi Uniball Jetstream. The pen writes smoothly, the ink dries quickly and there are [...]

Sat, 09 October 2010 two nobles

There are a lot of Holly trees my local woods. Not that you’d notice during the summer, when the other trees flounce about in their finery. Lately, I’ve noticed Holly’s re-emergence as one of the dominant personalities of the woodlands as we spin further into autumn.
The above photograph is of a Holly tree growing [...]

Thu, 23 September 2010 frog hide

Today, I noticed this chap leaping through the undergrowth in the woods. He was shy, and I was towering above pointing my mobile phone at him, so it’s not a bad snap considering the circumstances, and the greyish light.
It’s the equinox today – an unusually late one – and it’s also a full moon. [...]

Wed, 22 September 2010 Autumn

I spotted this fine fellow on my way into the woods to walk my dog this morning. It’s a good example of Coprinus comatus, also known as the shaggy ink cap or the lawyer’s wig, among others. I usually refer to it as the shaggy ink cap (or, as I misspoke this morning upon my [...]

Wed, 02 June 2010 Stop

To quote Ferris from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (written by the late, great John Hughes): “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. ”
Today I stopped long enough to capture the above picture of the Burren Mountains in Co. Clare, as seen from [...]

Thu, 28 May 2009 words on foot

I’ve been reading Nietzsche today. As thinkers go he’s clear and reasoned. In fact, he’s a little too perceptive for those who like their self-delusions, so sometimes his surgical excision of unpleasant human motivations can make for glum reading. He’s a bit of a grump at times too, especially when it comes to young people.
In [...]

Thu, 30 April 2009 back on track

I’m returning to schedule for my weekly Twitterfic Thursday. Here is today’s offering:
Your pain blurs your eyes with chiaroscuro patterns, and I watch, entranced at the truth it reveals. Your mouth becomes an O of revelation.
Not much else to add: it’s a beautiful day in the West of Ireland, which is a lovely change from [...]

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