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Mon, 27 July 2015 Bugs at 75

I learned from a Variety article by Tim Gray that Bugs Bunny is 75 today.
He first appeared in ‘The Wild Hare’, directed by Tex Avery, on 27 July, 1940.
(Ep. 05) – The Wild Hare by tranghuyen0213
When I was a kid I watched a lot of vintage cartoons, but Bugs Bunny was by far my [...]

Fri, 28 November 2014 2014 Laydeez do Comics meeting

Lynda Rucker and I are organising another Laydeez do Comics meeting from 2pm onwards this Saturday in the Odessa Club in Dublin.
Our guests will be C.E. Murphy, Philip Barrett, me, and Paul Bolger.
We’re also celebrating being on the cusp of the holiday season, so bring along a wrapped comic book for our blind comic book swap – come with [...]

Sun, 12 June 2011 the tell-tale heart

This is a video of the 1953 adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe short-story “The Tell-Tale Heart”, narrated by James Mason.
It’s adapted by Bill Scott and Fred Grable, and directed by Ted Parmelee.
The animation is by Pat Matthews.
I discovered this tonight on YouTube. YouTube has its share of dross, but it saves itself by offering [...]

Tue, 09 February 2010 die die die die die die

Continuing the topic of Women in Horror Recognition Month, I want to pivot the lens towards a fantastic little animated short film called “Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty”, which was written by Kathleen O’Rourke and directed by Nicky Phelan. O’Rourke also provides the voice acting for Granny O’Grimm herself.
The piece is delightfully animated, switching from 3D [...]

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