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Thu, 31 March 2011 women in comics in UK/Ireland – redux

The promised follow-up to the British women in comics blog post in January. I’ve written an overview of this entry also.
A list of female writers and artists (colourists, inkers, pencilers, etc.) who work in sequential storytelling in the UK and Ireland.
I’ve created a permanent page for this list on my web site – it’s linked [...]

Tue, 25 January 2011 British women in comics

After blogging about the absence of women in the line-up of the Kapow! comic book convention I had a number of lively discussions about it.
I also discovered that Mark Millar twittered about this issue back on the 7th of December 2010, when someone else pointed out there were no female guests. His response, over [...]

Tue, 11 January 2011 smile, get girls reading comics

Over the past year I’ve increased the amount of comic books/graphic novels I’m reading. Partly because I’m writing coming books now, and also because it’s such a fun, diverse medium. There are so many great titles being published to suit all tastes.
When I was a girl I was not encouraged to read comics – I [...]

Mon, 10 January 2011 Kapow!, no women

I got an email from a regular commentator on my blog pointing me to the new comic book convention that Mark Millar is organising this coming April in the UK called Kapow! ComicCon. He hinted that I might discover something missing from the event.
Well, yes the omission is pretty glaring to me: not one woman [...]

Fri, 10 December 2010 marvellous mirren

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren has just been given the Sherry Lansing leadership award at a breakfast ceremony, organised by The Hollywood Reporter magazine, to honour the Women in Entertainment Power 100.
I’d highly recommend you watch the video of her acceptance speech, which is just marvellous. Not only does she recognise how much women have [...]

Mon, 22 November 2010 An old ploy from a new trick

Last week a new film development process called Amazon Studios was announced, which Amazon is touting as the cool, modern way to make movies:
Movies have been developed pretty much the same way since talkies were considered cutting-edge. But here at Amazon Studios, we believe 21st-century technology creates opportunities to make and share movies [...]

Wed, 22 September 2010 Autumn

I spotted this fine fellow on my way into the woods to walk my dog this morning. It’s a good example of Coprinus comatus, also known as the shaggy ink cap or the lawyer’s wig, among others. I usually refer to it as the shaggy ink cap (or, as I misspoke this morning upon my [...]

Thu, 27 May 2010 cresting the big wave

I’ve been working on the web site redevelopment of the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild for a long time. I do a lot of web-related work for the Guild, including managing all of its social media outlets, which every organisation needs to maintain these days. A big job like a web site overhaul requires large [...]

Sat, 27 February 2010 dear Alexandra

This blog post began as a reply to a comment made by horror writer and screenwriter, Alexandra Sokoloff, on my last blog entry, but got too long. It’s probably best if you read that first before continuing with this entry.
I’ll wait.
Back? Great. Here’s what my couple of lines morphed into:
Dear Alexandra,
Thank you for your [...]

Fri, 26 February 2010 SFX responds: a long post

After a prompt from a friend I wrote to SFX on Sunday regarding my concerns about its Horror edition. Here is my email:
To whom it may concern,
I purchased the horror edition of SFX magazine at the weekend since I’m a fan of horror literature and media, and also write in the genre.
I was surprised at [...]

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