Wed, 04 January 2012 review and reward

Róisín Dubh, issue 2It’s a pleasure to read a perceptive review of one’s work, especially if it’s favourable!

Emmet O’Cuana’s review of issue 2 of Róisín Dubh on had me beaming.

I should also mention that the Eagle Awards for the comic book industry are open for nomination at the moment.

I’d love to see a diverse range of writers and artists nominated. I’m not saying people should be nominated if they’re not talented, but have a good think about the titles you’ve enjoyed this year and spread the love around. Anyone can nominate. If there are people you think are deserving in a category then you can add them.

The 2012 Awards winners will announced at the MCM Expo LondonComic Con on the evening of May 25th.

It would be great to see plenty of Europeans represented, since it is after all a British-based award.

I don’t often petition for others, but I believe that Renae De Liz deserves a nomination in the Honour Roll category for her work on the Womanthology project.

WomanthologyNot only did she complete the project from idea to print in approximately seven months, she wrangled 150 different artists, writers and editors to the task, promoted it effectively and fund-raised over 100K on Kickstarter (the largest sum ever raised for a comic book project on that platform). All the money is going to charity and she has elevated the profile of a lot of women in the industry.

I’m frankly astounded by her passion and engergy. We need people like her in the world driving change and bringing a fresh perspective to the industry, and we certainly should acknowledge and mark achievements like this. (I’m sure she’d be the first to recognise the team of women who have helped her, but without Renae this project would never have happened.)

Sure, I’ve got a script in Womanthology, but I still believe my logic is sound for honouring her in this fashion.

After all, she’s already landed on Geek Out!’s List of 2011 Geek Heroes.

But, whoever or whatever you nominate – get online and do it! Don’t leave it to other people. Have your say.

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