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Tue, 01 December 2015 Celebrating Nigel Kneale

As mentioned recently I’ve an essay in the forthcoming anthology, We Are The Martians: The Legacy of Nigel Kneale, which is edited by Neil Snowdon and published by Spectral Press.
Tied into the launch of the book there will be a rehearsed reading of Kneale’s lost drama The Road at the Horse Hospital, London from 7pm [...]

Thu, 09 January 2014 best of 2013 – TV

Here’s my unedited selection of picks of the top TV from my ‘Best of 2013‘ post on the Forbidden Planet International blog. This is the category I found the hardest to cut down – television is producing some of the best dramas currently.
Developed by Bryan Fuller
I came to this sceptical as I didn’t think new [...]

Mon, 21 February 2011 it’s bedlam

Sky has been promoting its new supernatural show called Bedlam, and I decided to tune in for an episode. The premise is simple: an asylum that has been in the Bettany family for hundreds of years has been re-fitted into flats for Yuppies and creepy things begin to happen. This ain’t a new concept, but [...]

Thu, 03 February 2011 Skins 5

A few years back I watched a chunk of episodes from the 1st series of British teenage drama Skins late one night. I had previously decided based on the trailers that I wouldn’t care for it, and was quite surprised at the quality of the writing, acting and the character development.
I then watched Season 2, [...]

Wed, 12 January 2011 ordinary unordinary lives

A new American television series, No Ordinary Family, has just begun broadcast on this side of the Atlantic. Its premise is simple: an ‘ordinary’ family – wife, husband, daughter and son – with the the usual moderate middle class disfunctionality gain super-powers and must adjust to them. I’ve seen two episodes, and will probably watch [...]

Fri, 24 December 2010 seeing the strange

I took this photo in the woods about a week ago. Of course it’s a desiccated thistle head, but it also looks like there’s a winged creature escaped from a fantasy world – such as The Dark Crystal – perched on top of it.
Seeing the world at a slant can lend wonder to the most [...]

Thu, 23 December 2010 Little Crackers

Over the past couple of years the satellite broadcaster Sky has been venturing into commissioning original television programmes, which is generally a good thing as I’m always happy to see screenwriters getting work. Even though Sky is part of the Murdoch MegaCorp, it can have its benefits (as long as you avoid the news channels).
This [...]

Wed, 08 December 2010 healthy competition?

I’ve noted before that I’m fond of the BBC Masterchef series in all its incarnations. My main reason is that I enjoy seeing people who are passionate about their hobby/profession demonstrating their skill, as well as watching their talent being nurtured over the course of the programme. Not all reality TV shows do that.
Often [...]

Tue, 12 October 2010 brains on your tie

I’ve been a fan of Fringe since season 1. It had a shaky start, but I gave it leeway because there is nothing I like better than a television program showcasing capable women, mad scientists and weird events.
From the beginning it was clear the show rotated around the character of Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), and [...]

Fri, 08 October 2010 Nikita episode 1

Last night I watched the début episode of the new television series Nikita. I’m intrigued how the core concept of this story has persisted and been remade.
Its first incarnation was as a French action film in 1990, also called Nikita, which was written and directed by Luc Besson. The plotline is that Nikita is a [...]

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