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Wed, 15 January 2014 leaf on fire

I spotted this little beauty in the woods during a walk that started with me walking determinedly through a haze of rain, and ended with me almost skipping in sunshine.
January is a difficult month because there are very few signs of renewal – apart from the very early flowers – and there’s not much evidence [...]

Wed, 19 June 2013 winged beauties

Summer is in full bloom, and on my daily walks – irrespective of the weather – the leaves and shrubs are bursting with life.
One afternoon I was escorted through the woods by a constant display of Cabbage White butterflies engaged in aerial manoeuvres. They’re very hard to catch on camera, as they have a jagged, [...]

Thu, 13 June 2013 the return of the rain

The one thing you can be guaranteed of in Ireland is that rain will always return. After a streak of stunning weather precipitation has swaggered across the land to reclaim its sovereignty.
But rain has its beauties.

I took that shot yesterday evening of water beads on a clover that was just beginning to flower. I [...]

Tue, 21 May 2013 the world will open if you wait

There are times when I go into the woods and it seems to open up and show me vistas of ethereal beauty. Those heart-stopping moments don’t always translate well to photographs. Photographing inside of woods is difficult. It tends to come out as one undifferentiated blob. Plus, there is the constant problem of the shade from the [...]

Mon, 20 May 2013 great and small

I recently had a few encounters with creatures, both in my house and about. I try to get to a camera to capture these instances if I can.
For instance there was the spider in my sink. It spent a lot of time trying to escape, and I checked on its progress on a couple of [...]

Wed, 15 May 2013 at home

I visited my parents for a couple of days recently. They have a lovely home and a beautiful garden, thanks to the hard work of both my parents.
My mother had a small arrangement in a little vase by the kitchen window, which looked amazing in the sunlight.

The weather is completely bipolar at the moment – [...]

Tue, 07 May 2013 details in passing

I’ve had a busy day so there’s not been much time for blogging. And yet, there exists an itch to put something down. These days when I get like this I start looking at photos and see what pops up.

I look this photo a couple of days ago. I’m not sure what it was about [...]

Thu, 02 May 2013 green life

Flowers are pretty, but there is plenty of fresh green life that is beautiful at the moment. Like this trio:

I love their fuzzy little siblings pushing up after them. I’m sure the older ones will complain they had it much harder…
I have a particular fondness for light shining through the early leaves of spring. There [...]

Wed, 01 May 2013 bealtaine blossoms

May 1st – the traditional date for the beginning of summer in Ireland – had a diffident start here, rather like the year.
But it unfurled into beauty, so I got out this evening to take some snaps. The blossoms were sublime. A perfect tribute for Bealtaine.

These are blackthorn blossoms. They are more individual than cherry [...]

Mon, 29 April 2013 bluebell April

One of my favourite flowers is the bluebell, and in my opinion April is its month. They’re usually out early in the month, so they are latecomers this year.
I was delighted to spot them in their usual location today, just before the month ended. I hunkered among them, snapping photos as soon I saw their [...]

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